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AGV K3 Helmets

The AGV K3 helmet is a versatile model that excels in all situations. Featuring a high-strength thermoplastic shell and multi-density EPS, the AGV K3 is certified to the strict CE 22.06 standard and exceeds the requirements of the latest international standards thanks to AGV's Extreme Safety design protocol. The AGV K3 helmet is designed to guarantee excellent performance, with its integrated sun visor, Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog system, Ultravision screen offering a horizontal field of vision of 190°, and preparation for the installation of communication systems. The aerodynamic profile of the AGV K3 helmet ensures zero dynamic weight at speeds of 130 km/h, reducing the strain on neck muscles. The interior is made from 2DRY material with rapid absorption of sweat and moisture. With all these features, the AGV K3 is an ultra-versatile, comfortable and safe helmet that offers exceptional performance in all riding situations, whether on a tourer, a roadster or a sports bike.


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