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AGV Sportmodular Helmets

The AGV Sportmodular is a flip up AGV helmet that offers safety and aerodynamics comparable to those of the brand's hypersport helmets, while offering soundproofing and comfort on a par with the best modulars on the market. It's also remarkably light, weighing in at less than 1,300 grams for a size L. The AGV Sportmodular helmet can be used on all types of motorbike and is the only all-carbon modular helmet on the market, thanks to its carbon chinstrap. It has high-performance ventilation and a visor with a panoramic field of vision. It is fitted with a double retractable interior sun screen. The AGV Sportmodular is a safe choice for combining safety, comfort, soundproofing and lightness. All this makes it a high-quality modular helmet that guarantees safety, comfort, soundproofing and lightness for all motorcyclists. If you're looking for a high-performance, reliable modular helmet, the AGV Sportmodular helmet is a safe bet.


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