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Airoh GP 550 S helmets

The Airoh GP550 S helmet is a top-of-the-range Airoh full face helmet for motorcyclists looking for a sporty helmet for the track or the road. The Airoh GP550 S offers some of the best value for money on the market for a racing helmet. The outer shell is made of composite fibres, available in 3 sizes to limit the volume of the helmet and ensure good air penetration. Aerodynamic spoilers help to keep the helmet in the wind at high speeds and limit movement. The inside of the shell is fitted with EPS foams to absorb energy in the event of impact, while the comfortable inner foams are covered in Sanitized antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric for breathability. The Airoh GP550 S is the perfect helmet if you're on a tight budget for your new racing helmet.


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