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Airoh Helmets Types

Airoh was founded in 1986 in the Bergamo region of Italy with the aim of producing motorcycle helmets for many brands before creating is own name and products.

Product range Airoh

Motocross / enduro Airoh helmets

For off-road use motocross Airoh helmets offers the best experience possible with its top-of-the-range ultra-light carbon / kevlar products with removable and washable interior that are sold with a multitude of accessories such as a visor extension and covers for wide ventilation on the upper part of the helmet. Always with the aim of equipping as many amateur pilots as possible or for the average user during weekend outings, Airoh offers a more affordable fibre range and a high-strength thermoplastic range for users with a small budget who want to practice their passion for the offroad in complete safety with quality products.

Full face Airoh helmets

For daily use on the road or for the practice of the track, Marti Motos offers a wide catalogue of full face Airoh helmets dedicated to the practice of motorcycling on asphalt, providing you with the best safety. Without compromising on the ultra-sporting models for the circuit, the brand's more road-friendly models will delight motorcyclists with models equipped with a double internal sun visor and equipped with a comfortable interior and benefiting from good soundproofing.

Open face / trial Airoh helmets

Equipping the best trial riders in the world like Toni Bou, we offers you a wide range of Airoh trial helmets riding with lightweight and comfortable products made of high-strength composite materials for optimal protection of the rider in case of a fall. These models are approved for use on the road as a jet helmet. The brand also offers a wide choice of affordable small jet helmets for your daily trips on scooters or maxiscooters in the city.

Trail / adventure Airoh helmets

Equipped with a large screen as on a full face helmet as well as a sun visor, the trail helmets are also equipped as the cross helmets with a large visor to protect from the sun. The innovation on this type of product comes from the fact that on some models you have the possibility to transform it according to your use into a road helmet or a motocross helmet which allows to have only one helmet for users who practice 2 disciplines without having to buy 2 helmets.