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Shoei VFX-WR helmets

If you're a motocross or enduro enthusiast, whether for fun or competition, and you're looking for a top quality motocross helmet, then the Shoei VFX-WR 06 helmet is the ideal choice. Designed using high quality fibre materials, this Shoei motocross helmet features the internal M.E.D.S system, which plays a vital role in reducing the transmission of rotational energy on impact, offering maximum protection for the rider's head. What's more, this motocross Shoei helmet has a first-class interior that can be easily removed and washed. It offers exceptional comfort, and its light weight makes it ideal for long riding sessions. The Shoei VFX-WR 06 helmet is the ultimate choice for bikers looking for a high-performance, comfortable helmet with an exemplary finish.


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