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Founded in 1954 and initially specialized in the manufacture of helmets, it was in 1958 that its founder Eitaro Kamata decided to change course and launched the Shoei brand in the production of helmets for the motorcycle world.

Full face Shoei helmets

It should be noted that the brand only works with top-of-the-range materials and as a result, they only offer premium moto full face Shoei helmets in their catalogue. The brand addresses different approaches specific to each product to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Looking for a pure racing helmet directly from Moto GP or a semi-sporting model that favours road use but allows you to do a little bit of track, Shoei also offers models that favour comfort for long rides, all equipped with the Pinlock anti-fog film as standard.

Flip up Shoei helmets

Since 2006, the japanese brand has been offering modular moto Shoei helmets with very good insonorisation, dual jet and full approval, and the anti-fog Pinlock sold as standard. The ideal product for long walks or city trips thanks to its foldable chin strap that allows the front part of the helmet to be fully opened for optimal ventilation in summer or during high temperatures.

Open face Shoei helmet

The manufacturer has been offering open face motorcycle Shoei helmets for a long time, but in recent years they have expanded their range with very urban models with wide exterior visor and interior sunscreen as well as custom ranges to always ride safely, but with a totally assumed look. Perfect for use in the city or in summer when it is very hot.

Vintage Shoei helmets

Very recent products in the catalogue, vintage motorcycle helmets / café racer with their very distinctive style and anchored in the past while benefiting from current technologies such as a strong and lightweight fiber shell, retractable interior sunscreen, high-end removable and washable interior. A perfect product for lovers of vintage motorcycles, café racer or bobbers.

Motocross / enduro Shoei helmets

Shoei's know-how available for off-road use on a range of premium products used by the world's leading pilots to provide you with the best protection for your head.

Visors and accessories Shoei

To personalize your helmet, the Japanese brand offers you a wide choice of visors: photochromic transition screen that adapts itself to climatic conditions by becoming more or less dark depending on the amount of UV present in the air, iridium screens mirror effect in silver, blue or gold color or colourless or smoky screens. If you need spare parts or a spare helmet interior, Shoei offers you spare parts for all the helmets in his catalogue.