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HJC RPHA 71 Carbon helmets

The HJC RPHA 71 Carbon helmet is the next generation of the RPHA 70 on of full face HJC helmets best seller, with significant improvements. First of all, the helmet's shell is made from carbon, guaranteeing both high strength and exceptional lightness, while the streamlined profile has been redesigned to offer optimum stability, even at high speeds, ensuring maximum safety for the rider. The new screen opening system on the HJC RPHA 71 Carbon makes handling quick and easy, while the enlarged field of vision offers a better view of the road. The interior has also been improved for optimum comfort and support. Finally, the extensive work carried out on the soundproofing of the HJC RPHA 71 Carbon helmet enables it to compete with the top-of-the-range products on the market, and it is approved to the new CE 22.06 standard. In short, the HJC RPHA 71 Carbon helmet is a concentrate of innovative technologies to offer motorcyclists a comfortable, safe and high-performance riding experience. It's the ideal helmet for demanding riders looking for a top-quality product for on-road use.


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