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Founded in 1971 in Korea, HJC has been providing helmets for bike riding for almost half a century now.

Product range HJC

Full face HJC helmets

The Korean manufacturer offers you one of the widest range of decoration and colour of motorcycle full face HJC helmets on the market for their entire range of products and by offering special editions of Marvel heroes, others in Disney colours, Star Wars iconic figures as well as DC Comics heroes. Premium models such as the sporty RPHA 11 used in Grand Prix built with a very lightweight fibre shell sold with a black visor as a gift and anti-fog Pinlock and RPHA 70, a semi-sporting model of similar construction to its older brother, but equipped with an integrated sun visor to suit motorcyclists looking for a more versatile product for long journeys. For smaller budgets HJC offers a wide range of high resistance polycarbonate helmets adapted for bike riding with integrated sunscreen and benefiting from an exemplary manufacturing quality while remaining within a very affordable price range without neglecting safety and product quality.

Flip up HJC helmets

As with full face helmets, HJC offers a wide range of modular motorcycle helmets HJC for all budgets, whether for daily use in the city or for more road use, while benefiting from the brand's expertise. Equipped with an integrated sunscreen, an anti-fog Pinlock you have at your disposal a wide choice of products in high resistance polycarbonate or very light high-end fibres as on the brand's most sporty models.

Open face HJC helmets

For your long summer rides or on your city trips in scooter, the open face HJC helmets offers you a wide choice of open face helmet models with or without integrated sunscreen and built in polycarbonate or premium quality fibres in a wide choice of colours.

Motocross and enduro HJC helmets

Whether for cross or enduro riding, HJC offers a wide choice of off-road helmets in polycarbonate or fibre, compatible with neck protectors for all budgets and uses.

Visor and accessories HJC

For each helmet model HJC offers a wide choice of replacement visors, whether for a incolor, smoky visor or silver, gold or blue iridium versions. Many spare parts are also available such as nose guards, visor plates or anti-fog Pinlock to equip your second visor.