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Shoei X-SPR Pro helmets

The Shoei X-SPR Pro is the latest addition to the full face Shoei helmets range. It has been designed with the help of the world's best riders, such as Marc Marquez, to offer the highest level of protection and performance for riders. The Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet is ECE 22.06 certified and is intended for use on the roads and in motorbike competitions around the world thanks to the FIM standard. The new shell design provides optimum stabilisation at very high speeds, even in excess of 300 km/h. The new wide field of vision screen, pre-fitted with the Pinlock anti-fog system, also maximises aerodynamics and helps reduce noise. The top-of-the-range interior foam provides first-class comfort and support. The ventilation system on the Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet has been completely redesigned to provide better temperature regulation and air distribution throughout the helmet. With all these features, the Shoei X-SPR Pro is the ultimate motorbike helmet for professional riders and motorbike enthusiasts.


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