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Discover our selection of Berik leather motorcycle suits in 1 or 2 piece versions available in a wide choice of colours for all budgets.

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Why choose a Berik learher suit?

If you want to go for a brand like Berik, it's because first of all you are looking for a quality product built with the best possible materials and a comfortable product for both road and track use.

The great strength of a brand like Berik is the fact that it offers motorbike suits with a very high degree of finish and equipped with approved elbow, shoulder and knee protectors and above all offered at martimotos at prices ranging from 399 € for the cheapest cowhide models that will delight motorcyclists looking for a first suit without exploding the budget to kangaroo leather models available for a budget of 699 € for the most demanding who are looking for a light and flexible 1-piece motorbike suit without necessarily spending 1000 € or more.

Berik product ranges

Men's 1-piece moto leather suits Berik

It is in this product category that you will find your happiness if you are looking for a 1-piece suit for the road or for the racetrack made of cowhide or kangaroo leather which offers good abrasion resistance in case of a fall.

To guarantee comfort and a perfect fit, Berik suits are equipped with numerous inserts made of resistant Stretch type textile as well as strategically positioned elastic accordion leather inserts to allow good freedom of movement when riding the motorbike to ensure that you can ride without any discomfort and let you chase the clock without worrying about the rest.

As with all the motorbike suits on the market, you will find knee or elbow sliders depending on the model, an aerodynamic bump, approved elbow, shoulder and knee protectors and a ventilated Mesh interior lining to ensure good air circulation in the suit.

Men's moto 2-pieces suits Berik

Practical for bikers looking for total safety, but with the advantage of being able to disconnect the jacket from the trousers when you stop, something impossible with a 1-piece version.

In a two-piece, you will find the same safety equipment and the same main construction as in the one-piece version, without ever neglecting your protection.

Motorcyclists riding 2 or 3 times a year on small circuits or for discovery, the 2-piece motorbike suit can be used without you needing to invest in a 1-piece version just for a few rides a year.

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