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Intercom Schuberth

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Intercom Schuberth SRC System C3 Bluetooth

helmet intercoms schuberth c3 to integrate into the pads under the helmet schuberth src system c3 available in color (neutral)

Communicate, make phone calls, navigate, listen to music -everything under one helmet!

Perfect communication

  • The entire communication system which can be installed on the C3 in no time at all. With only a few flicks of the wrist, the device is ready to go. Navigation system, MP3 player and mobile can be connected via Bluetooth and/or USB. And off you go: navigation, music, telephone and bike-to-bike conversation


  • Conference call with up to three riders, who can communicate with each other at the same time. The range is, under optimal conditions, up to 700 metres. The SRC-System™ for the C3 can be operated comfortably via voice control. Click-to-Link®: If other SRC-System™ users are close by, these can be addressed. Should the distance be greater or the terrain more demanding, communication is bridged by mobile reception. Thus, communication is not broken even when the distance is greater.


  • The VOX (Voice Operated eXchange) technology makes it possible to voice control main functions such as taking and making calls. The sensitivity of the reaction can be individually set.


  • The connection between Bluetooth enabled mobile, Bluetooth enabled navigation system and SRC-System™ is as easy as can be. The driver can hear the voice commands of the navigation system or the caller comfortably through both head phones. Telephone conference between rider, pillion and caller are possible. The preferred phone numbers can be saved in a quick dial menu. This makes it possible to have quick contacts at any time. All functions can be comfortable controlled through voice commands (VOX).

Listen to music

  • Most of the common MP3 players can be connected to the SRC-System™ using the multifunctional USB interface. If the MP3 player supports the Bluetooth A2DP technology, a cable is not necessary. The control is simply through the buttons of the SRC-System™

Automatic volume control

  • The automatic volume control (AGC) technology controls actively and permanently the optimal volume according to speed and environment noise and therefore actively benefits your safety while driving. The sensitivity can be individually adjusted using the supplied software.

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