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Nearly 100 years of expertise in design, manufacturing and distribution have made Schuberth one of the leading brands in the high-end motorcycle helmet sector, with the specificity of offering the best insonorisated products on the market.

Product range Schuberth

Flip up Schuberth helmets

The German brand offers a wide choice of high-quality flip up moto Schuberth helmets with the best insonorisation on this type of product and a fibre construction that guarantees the best possible safety and is equipped with seamless interiors for optimal comfort and a double retractable inner sunscreen.

Full face Schuberth helmets

Schuberth offers you a fairly wide range of full face motorcycle Schuberth helmets that benefit from the best research on soundproofing, safety and comfort, whether for use on tracks or on the road, in versions with or without internal sunscreen.

Open face Schuberth helmets

Offering top-of-the-range products dedicated to the practice of motorcycling in the city on a maxiscooter or for long motorcycle rides, all open face moto Schuberth helmets are made of fibre and equipped with a sunscreen.