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Dainese leather suit

Find our selection of 1 or 2 piece moto leather suits for men and women made of cowhide or kangaroo leather with approved protections and integrated airbag for our top of the range products. Whether for the track or the road, Marti Motos offers you the best Dainese products at the best prices!

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Dainese moto leather suits at the best guaranteed prices!

Always at the forefront of innovation and development since the 1970s, the Dainese brand has become a leader in the motorbike racing equipment market for the most demanding bikers, offering products with an exemplary finish, with equal safety for both its riders and customers, all with the most careful aesthetics that make a product of the Italian brand recognisable at a glance, even more so on a rider suit.

The spearhead of Dainese's products is undoubtedly its motorbike suits, which benefit from the work of the research and development department in close collaboration with gp and superbike riders to meet the quality and protection standards required for high level motorbike riding.

Why choose a Dainese suit?

Because you are a Valentino Rossi fan? Luckily not only for that, because Dainese is above all a choice for innovation, we must remember that a long time ago they were the ones who created the first motorbike backbone, the aerodynamic hump that since then has been able to accommodate a water pocket and above all allows you to maintain continuity with your full-face helmet in an aerodynamic position so that you don't lose time for the fastest among you, the emblematic replaceable sliders that all the pilots in the world have been using for decades, the elastic accordion leather inserts for more comfort and guarantee perfect freedom of movement and above all they were the first brand to produce coloured motorbike clothing to be more visible in traffic and the system for motorbike boots in the IN version, which, unlike all other manufacturers, allows the suit to be passed over the boot to offer better aerodynamics, reduce the weight of the boot and limit the torsion of the foot once the boot and suit are linked thanks to the internal scratch system.

There have been many innovations and the brand has been a pioneer in many areas and this continues even in the last decade...

Today the biggest evolution is the development of the D-Air integrated airbag system directly in the driver's suit, which for many years has been developed internally and with the help of professional drivers and is now available for the brand's customers.

Safety according to Dainese

We all know that on the track the worst enemy of a rider is a fall or contact with another rider whether at high or low speed, that's why to protect yourself you expect the best from your motorbike clothing.

To counter this, the Italian brand trusts in its elbow, shoulder and knee protectors which are made of rigid composite materials and articulated with the latest homologation in force, offering comfort, ease and above all safety in case of strong impact, while the back protection is always sold as an option.

Many people think that the various aluminium plates visible on the shoulders, elbows and knees of the suits are there for aesthetic purposes, but this is not the case, because the fact of having used this material and of doing it in a smooth material allows in case of a fall that these apendices slide on the ground and that there is not a phenomenon of adhesion with the bitumen or a roughness of the track which has the effect of limiting the rolling effect especially on a fall at high speed and thus limits the trauma due to a fall of this type.

For those bikers looking for the ultimate in thermal protection, you can opt for one of our models equipped with the airbag waistcoat which is integrated directly into the suit and which is directly derived from the Motogp motorbike which, thanks to its multiple sensors and integrated computer and its release in a few milliseconds, will offer you the most effective protection you can find on the market and which is directly derived from Motogp.

A little extra in the Dainese airbag racing range is that you can connect your suit to a computer and collect data such as lap times, braking power and the angle you set in a particular corner, a real all-in-one product.

Construction of a Dainese motorcycle suit

Like all motorbike equipment made of leather, single or full grain cowhide is very often used, but Dainese goes further with the choice of a specific leather and they especially call upon their know-how in the treatment of this leather to make it hyper supple, so supple that it looks like buying a suit that has already been worn, which is very appreciable especially at the beginning.

Another important point is its ability to relax very quickly, where other manufacturers make you a suit that after even 5 sessions on the track is still as stiff and fitted, at Dainese the leather relaxes more quickly from the first use, which can be confusing at first sight but which is very appreciable especially during the first outing on the track.

This relaxing and comfortable capacity of this leather does not make it more fragile, on the contrary, Dainese leather has the capacity to be one of the most resistant leathers on the market even during a long slide.

Of course, as with all the major brands, you can opt for kangaroo leather, which is thinner and allows you to save a little weight on the scales, even more resistant than cow leather and simply incredible comfort in movement where you will really feel what the term second skin means.

One last super important point that only Dainese offers on the market for use in summer or mid-season is how the leather perforates, because unlike its competitors, only Dainese offers perforations on the most exposed areas in case of a fall such as legs, arms, chest and back outside the seam areas, basically to limit the tearing of the leather on all these areas the perforations of the leather are located a few centimetres from a seam, never directly on top as all brands do, simply because on a fall at high speed it can cause the leather to tear while keeping a breathable and resistant suit, however you must keep in mind that this type of product is not waterproof, you will need to equip yourself with a rain suit for your rides in bad weather.

Comfort in a Dainese racing suit

As explained in the previous paragraph protection is the most important point in choosing your equipment, but comfort is just as important, because what could be more unpleasant than having uncomfortable trousers with sliders that move as soon as you drop your knee on the ground or a jacket that is too buoyant and has a bit of a parachute effect at other speeds.

Dainese has therefore developed a whole arsenal of measures in all its product ranges, and more specifically in its men's and women's suits, to make their products close to custom-made in 90% of cases.

On most models there are accordion-type elastic leather parts, which, thanks to their relaxation, guarantee you a great deal of freedom of movement when you are on the move.

These inserts are generally positioned at the back of the shoulders in the shoulder blade area and extend up to the top of the shoulders, the lower part of the back and the flanks, not forgetting the top of the knees to facilitate movement when cornering.

For a perfect fit you will also find numerous inserts made of resistant elastic fabric on the front part of the shoulders, the lower part of the flanks and which goes down to the crotch and continues all the way down to the back of the legs to the bottom of the suit.

Our Dainese motorbike suits

Dainese 1-piece moto leather suits

In our catalogue we offer a wide range of Italian brand products in a wide range of prices to suit every possible budget with many products on sale all year round.

We have emblematic models such as the Dainese Laguna Seca 4 1 Piece leather suit made from top quality cowhide leather with localised perforations to optimise air circulation, homologated reinforcements, aluminium drop sliders at elbows and shoulders, removable and replaceable slider and scratch system to connect a boot in the IN version. We sell our entire stock at the best guaranteed price.

If you are the style to favour pure performance by looking for the best possible product we also offer models in kangaroo leather which in addition to being softer has the peculiarity of being thinner and having a better resistance to abrasion such as the Dainese Kyalami 1 piece suit which we offer at an exceptional price.

For those who are looking for a product positioned between these 2 exceptional products, we offer the Dainese Assen 2 1 Piece wetsuit which, with its sober and sporty design, will delight a large majority of bikers looking for an affordable product with an inimitable look.

Dainese 2 Pieces Leather Suit

The Italian manufacturer offers a wide choice of 2-piece combi bikes with a very aggressive quality/price ratio, as on the Dainese Avro D2 2-Pieces entry-level model, which despite being one of the brand's lowest priced models offers high performance features such as aluminium shoulder drop sliders, the brand's own approved rigid and articulated protections and top quality cowhide leather.

Also available in a one-piece version, we also offer the Dainese Laguna Seca 4 2 Pieces leather suit, with the same technical features, but with the possibility of being able to separate the leather jacket from the leather trousers.

In the two-piece versions of our suits we also offer top-of-the-range products such as the Dainese Mistel 2-pieces suit, which with its neo-retro look will delight the most demanding among you.

The advantage of this type of equipment is that once you get off the motorbike you can separate the leather motorbike jacket from the leather trousers for greater ease.

Dainese 1 and 2-piece women's leather suits

For many years more and more women have been riding motorbikes on the circuit or looking for the ultimate protection for the road, that's why Martimotos offers you a wide choice of Dainese lady motorbike suits at the best prices and built with the best materials and available in 1 or 2 piece versions with an inimitable look like the Dainese Kyllalane 1 piece suit which is perfectly adapted to the morphology of the biker.

Dainese motorcycle D-Air airbag suits

For the most safety-conscious bikers looking for the best in protection, we offer a wide range of suits equipped with the D-Air airbag system, a technology directly derived from Moto gp, which consists of an internal protective waistcoat equipped with an airbag directly integrated into the suit that is triggered thanks to the numerous sensors and other accelerometers managed by the on-board computer that are incorporated into the aerodynamic hump, guaranteeing inflation in a few milliseconds in the event of a slip or high side on the track.

Wearing a Dainese motorbike suit means choosing both quality and the best protection for you.

That's why Marti Motos has been working for over 40 years hand in hand with the Italian brand to offer you the best in motorbike equipment, because like them, we don't neglect your safety, quite the contrary, we want the best for our customers and at martimotos you're guaranteed to buy your Dainese motorbike equipment at the best prices for man or woman!

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