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Created in 1968 by Lino Dainese after a trip to London where he discovered the maximotos driven by pilots equipped with leather suits. Upon his return to Italy, he decided to create the Dainese brand and to start designing and manufacturing equipment for riders.

Product range Dainese

Airbag leather suits Dainese

The ultimate in safety for exclusive use on the track offered by Dainese with the integrated D-Air technology proven in competition in the world's top championships. Wrap-around airbags for shoulders, clavicles, back and floating ribs. Triggering in a few milliseconds. Approved and manufactured in top-of-the-range cowhide leather or kangaroo and equipped with rigid and articulated composite protections at the elbows, shoulders and knees to protect against impacts due to a fall. Removable and replaceable knee sliders. Great freedom of movement thanks to multiple strategically positioned comfort bellows. Sold with its approved back protector.

Leather suits Dainese - 1 piece

For use on track or on the road, the one-piece suit offers the ultimate in bike safety with high quality cowhide or kangaroo leather manufacturing and equipped with approved protection. Available in perforated or full leather version, you can use it all year round. A wide choice of models for men and women, colours for all tastes and budgets, without ever neglecting the safety made in Dainese.

Leather suits Dainese - 2 pieces

The safety of a complete combination with the practicality of being able to separate the upper part from the lower part when you stop, without having to let the upper part hang. Equipped with the best Dainese composite protections and available in ventilated or solid leather version. Can be used on your first trips on the track for discovery and during your long road rides. Available in both male and female versions.

Leather jackets Dainese

Whether you are a man or a woman, enjoy the best protection with the Dainese leather motorcycle jackets when you go for a ride with these high-quality cowhide leather jackets, equipped with approved elbow and shoulder protection, with the option of adding (optional) back and chest protection to provide 100% safety. Available in ultra-sport models with aerodynamic bump, semi-sport models with warm or more urban or vintage lining in the purest coffee racer style, Dainese offers models for all types of bikers.

Textil jackets and vests Dainese

Ideal for a all year long use and to cope with all weather conditions, the Dainese motrocycle textile jackets have the waterproof membrane and warm lining for use in mid-season and winter. For summer, you will also find models in hyperbreathable mesh fabric which, depending on the models, are equipped with a removable waterproof membrane to protect against light rain. Safety is not to be outdone with high-strength textile models and new materials such as Cordura, which have superior abrasion resistance. Equipped with removable protections approved to protect against impacts. Dainese offers a wide range of products for men and women.

Gore-tex jackets Dainese

For biekrs who are not afraid of heavy rain and negative temperatures, Dainese offers a wide choice of motorcycle jackets equipped with a waterproof and breathable laminated or removable gore-tex membrane and a warm lining made of top-of-the-range materials for perfect insulation. High-strength textile, Cordura or D-Stone and composite material protections approved for your safety are included on all models in this category.

Leather pants Dainese

For the most effective protection for yourlegs, Dainese offers a wide choice of models for men and women of leather trousers with approved knee protections. Available in a sports version with removable sliders and perforated leather or in a version without full leather sliders, we offer a wide choice of products at the best prices.

Textile pants Dainese

The right compromise between safety, ergonomics and comfort, the textile pants are the best ally of the rider for all year long. From unlined and ventilated models for summer to mid-season models with removable warm lining and waterproof membrane. For winter and extreme conditions, you can choose models with laminated or removable Gore-Tex lining and thermal lining. As always at Dainese, you get the best protection with rigid and articulated composite knee pads and hip reinforcements. Often made of high-strength textile, you can now choose models equipped with new materials such as Cordura, Aramacor or D-Stone that have superior abrasion resistance.

Gloves Dainese

The rider's safety also depends on hand protection, which is why Dainese offers a wide range of approved gloves for men and women. Small summer gloves for scooters in the city, from large warm and waterproof gore-tex winter gloves to ultra-protected sports gloves with carbon protection, interior and Kevlar seams. For the mid-season, the brand does not forget you with a wide choice of long or short, warm and waterproof gloves.

Riding shoes Dainese

Perfect for everyday use or for short rides, Dainese riding shoes are equipped with a minimum of safety with an anti-torsion sole, reinforced on the malleoli and toes. Approved with the latest standards, they will bring you safety and comfort with the quality of Dainese products.

Boots Dainese

Available in a wide range of uses, whether for long road rides or long track sessions, the Dainese boots offer you a condensed version of technology and safety available to your feet. Ankle support with the Dainese D-Axial system which protects the ankle from torsion, protects the selector, replaceable steel slider and reinforced rear part of the heel, for even greater safety in the event of a heavy impact on the ground. Wide choice of models for winter and mid-season waterproof or Gore-Tex and hypersporting models for track enthusiasts.

Road ans track protections Dainese

For many years Dainese has been using its own rigid and articulated composite material protections that equip the brand's rider's in the most prestigious championships in the world. The manufacturer provides you with these approved protections in all its equipment distributed in stores regardless of your budget to always offer the best for your safety. From the back for the track to the one that can be mounted in a jacket or jacket in the pocket provided for this purpose, the elbow and shoulder pads that you can replace in case of a fall and chest pads that you can also add as an option, discover the best in safety offered by Dainese.