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In 1963 in the north of Italy in the small town of Asolo, the leather goods manufacturer Sante Mazzarolo began manufacturing the first products stamped Alpinestars for the motocross community in view of the popularity of the discipline throughout Europe and after they decide to make and product range for street bikes with success.

Product range Alpinestars

Airbag moto systems Alpinestars

Developed in competition thanks to the expertise of the world's best riders, Alpinestars offers you bike airbag system to be integrated under the suits, jackets and vests of the "Tech-Air Compatible" range. The system is equipped with gas cartridges with a bag that extends to the shoulders, clavicles, back and floating sides to provide optimal protection.

Leather suits Alpinestars

Since the launch of the Tech-Air Alpinestars airbag system on the market, Alpinestars has distributed a wide range of leather suits compatible with this new safety feature. Be careful when making your purchase to ensure that the suit is "Tech-Air Compatible" so that the airbag can be fixed and deployed. For users looking for a "classic" suit, the brand still offers his catalogue a wide range of 1-piece or 2-piece classic suitss at increasingly competitive prices. All models on the market are equipped with approved elbow, shoulder and knee protection. Elbow sliders are present on many products. Whether you are looking for a men's or women's bike suit made of cowhide or kangaroo leather, Alpinestars offers you the best products adapted to road or track riding.

Leather jackets Alpinestars

To benefit from the best in bike safety, the leather moto jackets Alpinestars are offered to you a wide choice of leather jackets for men and women with approved elbow and shoulder protections with the possibility of slipping a back protector in the pocket provided for this purpose. Whether you are looking for a sporty model with an aerodynamic and perforated bump for summer use, a semi-sporting model with a warm and removable lining for all year long use or a vintage / café model with a more urban and versatile look, Alpinestars is the brand that offers you the widest choice of quality products.

Textil jackets Alpinestars

If you are looking for a bike jacket less exclusive than a leather jacket, Alpinestars propose a range of textile jackets for men and women in 2 main categories, very light ventilated jackets to fight against heat and mid-season/winter jackets equipped with a complete and removable warm lining and a 100% waterproof membrane to protect against bad weather. All models are equipped with approved protection, multiple adjustments for a perfect fit and are all made of high-strength fabric for better resistance to abrasion.

Vests Alpinestars

For bikers looking for equipment to face the mid-season and winter, Alpinestars presents bike vests equipped with a waterproof membrane and a removable warm lining. Safety is ensured by approved elbow and shoulder protectors and it is also possible to add an optional back protector. Models with waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane are also available for better waterproofing and breathability.

Leather pants Alpinestars

For sporty use with removable knee sliders or for single road riding with simpler models, leather pants provide uncompromising safety. They are equipped with hip and knee protection to protect against impacts in the event of a fall.

Textile pants Alpinestars

For a all year use, Alpinestars offers a ventilated range for summer and a wide range of products for mid-season and winter with removable warm lining and 100% waterproof membrane. Safety is ensured by approved knee and hip protection, depending on the model.

Gloves Alpinestars

For sports use on track or road, for your trips in the city or during your rides during the mid-season or winter, Alpinestars offers you a wide choice of leather or textile motorcycle gloves, short or long for all year long. Approved with the latest standards in force and equipped with protections to limit injuries in the event of a fall or a high impact. Don't forget to protect your hands with products for all budgets.

Riding shoes Alpinestars

For daily use, Alpinestars motorcycle riding shoes are a good alternative between safety and comfort thanks to the malleolus reinforcements and anti-torsion sole. Available in ventilated version, solid leather or waterproof, you benefit from all the approvals necessary for the practice of 2 wheels.

Boots Alpinestars

The ultimate part in foot protection, the Alpinestars motorcycle boots are available in a sporty version perfect for the track or the road and in a touring version ideal for long rides. Ventilated for summer, waterproof or equipped with a gore-tex membrane for mid-season or winter, Alpinestars offers a wide choice of comfortable models whatever the way you practice your passion for the bike.

Road and track protections Alpinestars

Your motorcycle safety depends on the quality of the protections you have on you. Alpinestars offers the best motorcycle protection with numerous back protectors for road or track, thoracic protection to integrate into your jacket or under your leather suit.

Motocross gear Alpinestars

A discipline at the heart of his development since his creation, the motocross equipment of the Alpinestars brand offers you a wide choice of colours and models of complete outfits, jerseys, gloves and trousers in sober or flashy colours for all budgets.

Motocross / enduro boots Alpinestars

The first product marketed by the brand, Alpinestars cross boots are nowadays synonymous with quality, safety and comfort, whatever the discipline you want them to be used in. Rigid for protection and articulated for driving comfort, these boots are a must in the off-road world.

Offroad protections Alpinestars

For motocross Alpinestars provides you with many chests protectors, full protective armors for the safety of the upper body. For your knees and elbows the Italian manufacturer offers you simple and cheap knee pads as well as orthotic knee braces for pilots looking for the ultimate in safety and simple and lightweight elbow pads.