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The history of the Nolan / X-Lite brand

It was in 1972 that Lander Nocchi set up the production of motorbike helmets using a new material called Lexan™ which was originally used to mould the helmets of the astronauts on the Apollo missions.

This would mark the birth of the Nolan brand and later its high-end version which would bear the name X-Lite.

What is the X-Lite brand?

The production of the NolanGroup's fibre and carbon ranges is concentrated under the X-Lite brand, which focuses solely on the design and manufacture of the high-end versions of the Italian giant.
How are X-Lite motorbike helmets produced?

In order to guarantee the highest possible level of manufacturing and safety, the brand has two laboratories that play a leading role in the development and production of the brand's products.

The first laboratory has official certification from the Italian Ministry of Transport and guarantees that the products meet or exceed Italian and international national standards. The main tests carried out by this laboratory on the cap are the spit-tests and the certification of tests to prevent the helmet from being lost in an impact, while the visors are subjected to optical and resistance tests to prevent them from breaking in the event of a fall or impact.

In order to validate the various official certifications and approvals, the elements are then sent to independent bodies, which once everything is validated allows large-scale production to begin.

The second laboratory concentrates on additional tests not required by the official approvals, but which X-Lite carries out all the same. These protocols are the result of the brand's more than 40 years of experience and enable more than 4000 helmets to be tested each year to guarantee the safest possible products.

In order to offer the products for optimal use, X-Lite breaks down the creation of a model with a study under computer control to test the wind grip and aerodynamics without neglecting the style, then a first prototype is created in order to be tested by the brand's in-house pilots and once the prototype is validated the homologations and production can be launched.

Manufacture of the cap of an X-Lite full-face helmet

The outer shell of the X-Lite helmets is constructed from a blend of multi-axial hybrid fabrics made from carbon fibreglass and cut aramid fibreglass, which are assembled according to a "home-made" recipe.

Moulding of the shell continues with the pouring of a thermosetting resin into a laminated mould and by means of the pressure of a counter-mould it allows the different fabrics to be joined and hardened.

The next step is the cutting with a numerically controlled high-pressure water jet (about 4000 bars), which allows to make the cuts of the ventilators and the screen for example.

Once this stage is complete, the cap is automatically sanded by a robot followed by a visual and manual inspection and if everything is good and no defects are detected, it is time to start painting and applying the various stickers that will be part of the decoration of your future helmet.

Now you understand a little better what makes the essence of a manufacturer like X-Lite, the quality of the products used to design the helmet and the care taken at each stage of production to offer you the best product there is.

X-Lite in competition

For the Italian manufacturer, the DNA of the race is at the very centre of the development of its top-of-the-range products, trusting in the expertise of its best drivers such as Casey Stoner, Carlos Checa, Alex Rins, Danilo Petrucci among others.

Why buy an X-Lite motorbike helmet?

Quite simply, because you are looking for a quality helmet with all the know-how of this manufacturer who has been making motorbike helmets for over 40 years, offering helmets that are safe in case of a fall and with a behaviour that is unequalled on the market whether it is for a road or circuit model.

X-Lite product ranges

X-Lite full-face helmets

In our catalogue we offer a wide range of top of the range products mainly for track use with the new X-803 RS which we offer in a wide choice of colours from the simplest ones such as the X-803 RS Hot Lap full face helmet with a sober and sporty design at the same time or a wide selection of X-Lite X803 RS replica full face helmets in the colours of the best riders riding gp motorbikes or superbikes.

X-Lite flip up helmets

For bikers looking for one of the lightest modulables on the market thanks to its compact carbon cap and high-end interior.

One of the special features of the X-Lite X-1004 ultra cabono is that it is equipped with dual jet and full homologation.

Both sporty in its design, it will be your best ally during your long rides. Make the choice of quality, choose the X-Lite flip up and you won't be disappointed!

We offer a wide range of X-Lite motorbike helmets available in a wide choice of colours and models at the lowest prices!