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Since 1986, the Shark Helmets brand has specialized in the development, design and manufacture of motorcycle helmets and has become a reference brand over the years.

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Full face Shark helmets

The french brand offers his full-face Shark moto helmets in a wide range of products available for all budgets. Whether you are looking for an entry-level helmet for your everyday rides or an ultra-sporting top-of-the-range headset for use on track, Shark offers you one of the widest catalogues on the market, ranging from thermoplastic helmets to fibre and carbon models.

Flip up Shark helmets

With a view to constant innovation, the brand was one of the first brands in the world to offer a modular Shark helmet with dual jet and integral approval with its patented chin strap system that tilts to the rear of the helmet to guarantee safety and limit wind grip as on a classic modular helmet. These helmets are available in thermoplastic and fibre ranges to satisfy a wide range of customers according to their budget.

Open face Shark helmets

The Shark brand offers the most versatile range of open face helmets on the market, offering classic products with sunscreen and models with a recognizable look between 1000 to ride safely and in style.