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In only a decade of existence, the Scorpion Exo brand has become one of the key players on the helmet manufacturer market by distinguishing itself by offering an ingenious inflation system with air pockets on the cheeks to allow the adjustment of the helmet's fit and to fight against foam compaction.

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Full face Scorpion helmets

The Scorpion brand is positioned in a wide range of Scorpion full face helmets, from entry-level thermoplastic helmets at low prices to the highest quality fibre and carbon helmets used at high levels in competition. Thanks to their innovative Airfit Concept cheek foam inflation system, which equips all models in the range, the inside of your helmet will no longer suffer from the weight of years. Scorpion also offers versions with or without retractable indoor sunscreen to satisfy as many customers as possible. The Scorpion Exo helmet according to the range will allow you to use them daily in the city, for long rides or for track sessions.

Flip up Scorpion helmets

Also available in a wide range of products, from the ideal thermoplastic model for the city to the high-end fibre model for long rides, they are of course equipped with an internal sunscreen and the brand's inflation system.

Motocross Scorpion helmets

For cross or enduro riding, Scorpion Exo offers as usual a range of products ranging from entry-level thermoplastic helmets to high-end fibre helmets, all equipped with the Airfait Concept inflation system.