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The history of the Givi brand began in 1978 under the impetus of former rider Giuseppe Visenzi, who wanted to offer a range of accessories specifically for motorcycles.

Product range Givi

Side cases Givi

Made of aluminium to ensure exemplary rigidity and to protect the contents in the event of a fall, Givi cases can be fitted with various accessories such as carrying handles, waterproof inner covers and inner nets to store and hold the elements you put inside.

Top cases Givi

Available in aluminium or high-strength plastic and adaptable on bikes, scooters and maxiscooters, they will allow you to accommodate 1 jet helmet or 2 adjustable helmets, depending on the capacity. Equipped with connectable stop lights, they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes such as carbon.

Tank bags Givi

Magnetized or connectable with the ingenious Tanklock system, Givi flexible tank bags will allow you to store your everyday accessories such as your papers, your smartphone and many other things. They are the ideal equipment for your rides.

Mounting kits Givi

To be able to fix the tank bags equipped with the Tanklock fixing system, you will need to purchase the specific flange for your motorcycle which is mounted directly on your tank cap and which allows a safe and solid fixing of your bag.

Soft bags Givi

Givi waterproof soft bags have the particularity of being made of 100% waterproof and flexible material and can be easily fixed on your motorcycle or top case with straps and anchoring points provided for this purpose.

Leg bags Givi

A very practical element when travelling on a daily basis to keep your papers, smartphone and toll money handy, Givi thigh bags are attached with a belt system to pass around your waist and strap-style fastening to pass around your thigh.

Supports Givi

Once you have purchased the specific fixing system for your motorcycle you will need to add a plate to make the connection between the fixing kit and your top case.

Smarthphone and gps cases Givi

To be attached to the handlebars of your motorcycle, the universal smartphone or GPS brackets allow you to attach your device to the handlebars while being protected from rain and dust. Practical when travelling or travelling in the city.

Child's helmets Givi

For motorcyclists who want to introduce their children to the joys of motorcycling, Givi offers a range of polycarbonate children's helmets that are perfect for your child's first time on your bike.

Luggage accessoiries Givi

Givi offers a wide range of accessories for his suitcases, top cases, bags such as fixing straps, waterproof inner covers, storage nets and transport handles that can be easily fixed.