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The history of the LS2 motorcycle helmet brand begins in 1990, when Arthur Liao created his own home business called Fengxing.
It was only in 2007, after being called MHR, that the LS2 name finally came into being for the marketing of helmets for Europe.

Product range LS2

Full face LS2 helmets

Marti Motos offers a wide choice of motorcycle LS2 full face helmets available in a wide choice of materials such as polycarbonate, fibre or carbon. Whether for sports, urban or rods trip use, they can be equipped with an integrated retractable sunscreen and equipped with the standard anti-fog pinlock. LS2 offers a wide range of products to suit all budgets without neglecting product safety and quality.

Flip up LS2 helmets

Marti Motos offers several types of LS2 flip up helmets, whether it is with a complete opening of the chin strap that passes entirely to the back of the helmet to limit the wind and relieve the neck or with a more classic 90 degree opening and both with the double jet and integral approval and of course equipped with an internal sunscreen. These helmet models are perfect for use in the city or for long rides.

Open face LS2 helmets

Marti Motos offer you a wide choice of small open face LS2 helmets perfect for city use. Compact and lightweight, they can easily fit in the trunk of your scooter and will be forgotten when used because of their small size and light weight.

Motocross LS2 helmets

LS2 offers you helmets for off-road use, cheap, light and comfortable, equipped with a wide visor and a removable and washable interior. They will be your best ally for your cross or enduro rides.