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The Abus lock brand was founded in 1924 by August Bremicker and his sons in the small town of Volmarstein in Germany, they did not expect that the brand years later would be known worldwide after starting their adventure in the family cellar.

Commitment, ideas and know-how are the elements that have best summarized the brand for almost a century.

Products range Abus

Alarm antitheft Abus

A wide range of locks equipped with an integrated alarm system is available with a trigger as soon as vehicle movement is detected.

Bike antitheft Abus

A very extensive catalogue of motorcycle-specific locks is available. U-locks that you can attach to the wheel of your bike, chains that allow you to connect your bike to street furniture for more safety as well as small and practical disc locks to attach to the brake disc of your motorcycle, Abus has the product you need, made with the most resistant materials.