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The French glove brand Five was born from the observation made by its creator Franck FAZIO who worked for many years for the most prestigious brands and drivers and one thing often came to his attention, many of these pilots complained about the level of comfort, precision and feeling that their gloves provided. Starting from this admission of failure and realizing that in the end motorcycle gloves were the safety element that did not have a brand specialized in their manufacture, he decided to create the Five brand to finally offer what riders and bikers had been asking for for many years.

Product range Five

Summer gloves Five

Made with the palm of the hand in leather and elastic and breathable fabric with high resistance. The palms of all Five gloves are equipped with rigid protection on the side of the hand to limit trauma in the event of a severe hand to ground impact during a fall and available for both men and women.

Mid-seasons gloves Five

To protect you from the first cold and rain, the mid-season gloves benefit from optimal safety with protective shells and rigid reinforcement on the side of the hand without neglecting comfort.

Winter and warmer gloves Five

For rider in winter, Five offers the best winter gloves on the market, equipped with a warm, waterproof laminated lining to guarantee perfect insulation, not to mention the many protections. For the chilly ones, Five offers a range of heated gloves with integrated rechargeable battery.