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In 2001, when Chris Leatt's son took the start of a race where unfortunately a young driver killed himself when he fell, Chris decided to look for a new safety system for the motocross rider to limit serious neck injuries, it was from that moment that the Leatt brand was launched.

Product range Leatt

Neck braces Leatt

Available in a wide range of materials such as Polyamide reinforced EPS alloys or all-carbon construction, Leatt offers the best possible safety for your cervicals by limiting hyper-extension of tendons and muscles and also to limit fractures in the cervical area.

Knee braces Leatt

In the event of a fall, the knee and its tendons are subjected to different forces, whether impact or rotation, Leatt offers a wide range of solutions to limit serious injuries with complete, adjustable knee pad systems made of composite and carbon materials for optimal rigidity.

Body armors Leatt

Built as an integral armor to protect against strong impacts, they are built in such a way as not to limit the pilot's movements while providing optimal safety.