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Founded in 2003 in Texas, Cardo was the first brand to offer the connection of an headset via the Bluetooth system of a mobile phone. Soon after matured the idea of installing this system inside a motorcycle helmet that will give birth to the mythical Scala Rider.

Product range Cardo

Rider to passenger Cardo intercom

Ideal for those who like to go out with friends or to carry your friends, Cardo offers the best motorcycle intercom to connect the pilot and the passenger by Bluetooth. Easy to fit in all types of helmets on the market and available for purchase as a solo version or as a duo pack for 2 people.

Bike to bike Cardo intercom

For rider with your group of friends, the bike / bike intercom is the essential device to have whether it is to be able to chat while driving or to share your itinerary in real time to avoid getting lost, Cardo offers you the best remote communication devices up to more than 1.5km range.